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King Minos and two female slaves -- upper part (thronerm1.jpg--481x230)
King Minos and two female slaves -- lower part (thronerm2.jpg--481x213)



Ariadne (ariadne32.jpg--479x534)



Ariadne and Theseus (ariadne33.jpg--290x302)



Phaedra (phaedrax.gif--200x339) Hippolytus (phaedray.jpg--287x339)



Phaedra and her stepson in bed (phaedra1.jpg--353x356)



Atalanta (thong004.gif--200x390)



Medusa (medusa01.gif--320x589)



Damocles and a dancer (damocles4.jpg--402x526)

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