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Made Easy!

Although JavaScript contains Java as part of its name, it has nothing to do with Java.

Some people insist that you have to write scripts within the <HEAD> . . . </HEAD> block, but you can write them anywhere—except for few instances.

I assume, your browser understands JavaScript because some older browsers cannot handle JavaScript. This is the main reason you have to write JavaScript as a series of comments so that it does not bother older browsers.

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
<!-- This is an HTML comment line as you know.
// This double-slash is a comment mark for JavaScript.
// These lines are within the HTML comment that
// ends right before </script> line.
// Older browsers simply skip these comments.
// If your browser understands JavaScript, then it
// will execute the following JavaScript function
// (or method).

alert("Your browser can understand JavaScript!")

// The long comment ends here!

In reality, you doesn’t write this much of comment. You probably see the following code:

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
<!-- to hide

alert("Your browser can understand JavaScript!")


Let’s check your browser. Please click the button below.

If your browser don’t understand JavaScript, you won’t see the message box as shown below:

Alert box (alert01.jpg--323x125)

Instead of writing the same code as shown above, I use the above button to check your browser. If I wrote the above code, each time you enter this page, the message box would pop up. Since this is a menu, visitors probably don’t like to see this message box each time they get back here.

If I set up a button for the checking as shown above, you can simply skip this part when you come back later.


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