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Gemstone File
June 4, 2003

The Gemstone File was written by American gemologist Bruce Roberts over some 15 years beginning in the early 1960s until 1975. In the early 70s, Roberts, who had invented the synthetic ruby used in laser technology, regaled visitors with his stories of political intrigue at the Drift Inn, now the Yong San Lounge, on Bush Street in San Francisco. He used this place as an open lecture forum.

the old Drift Inn (driftinn4.jpg--329x258)

Part of his 1,000-plus-page-long file was drafted at the above place. His complex tales link the CIA, FBI, and the Mafia to JFK, LBJ, Ted Kennedy, Richard Nixon, the Washington Post, Howard Hughes, Martin Luther King Jr., the Watergate conspirators, and many others in an alleged grand machination. Roberts died of lung cancer in 1976.

Until then, however, his Gemstone File had been circulated all over the globe in the form of photocopies of notes on cocktail napkins and the like.

According to Roberts’ accounts, Aristotle Onassis had Howard Hughes kidnapped and drugged for at least a decade. The alleged kidnapping put the aerospace industry under the control of the international Mafia, which would lead to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The Gemstone File links all of these people and a series of historical and political events into a single huge conspiracy scheme.

Most scholars as well as many conspiracy buffs dismiss this file as a mere crap. However, there is no smoke without fire. Even though, some of his accounts appear unbelievable—even ridiculous—at a glance, you could probably see some traces of truth pop up here and there in the file like a group of peekaboo-playing kids. It is easy for you to discard the whole file into a trash can, but nobody would have spent more than a decade on jotting down gibberish on a thousand of pages.

Besides, Roberts was not a fool, but a reasonably intelligent technician and scientist as his invention has proved it. He studied journalism and physics at the University of Wisconsin. His special interest was in crystallography and the creation of synthetic rubies.

Apparently, he obtained the information through his personal contacts built up through his clientele.

Stephanie Caruana, the former Playgirl magazine journalist and freelance writer, authored a condensed “Skeleton Key” version from the notes of Bruce Roberts, provided by her associate Mae Brussell. Mae Brussell, now deceased, claimed to have met Bruce Roberts before he disappeared and obtained his massive notes from which the Skeleton Key summary was written.

Caruana stated that the published criticism of the Gemstone File over the years was based on her condensed version, not on the entire file. The above Skeleton Key is available on her site.

The condensed version in circulation does not include the information withheld by Mae Brussell and John Judge. Brussell was a conspiracy theorist who died from cancer in 1988, leaving Judge in charge of her controversial library. Brussell was widely known as a writer, radio commentator, lecturer and researcher who believed that the U.S. had been secretly controlled by ruthless cabals of high powered conspirators.

The following version happens to have reached my hand. Although the contents appear more or less the same as those of the above Skelton Key, you can find several differences because, I assume, some people have deleted or added some passages. Those people copied it and re-copied it many times. And inevitably, the contents differ from the original, though most of the facts remain the same.

I haven’t changed any facts nor added any part. I simply reformatted it so that it appears better on my page. When I feel like adding some comments or referring you to another page, I just added a link, which shows as an underlined word or phrase.

The Outline of
the Gemstone File
Betty upper part (betty5de.gif--237x250)
Betty lower part (betty5d.gif--237x346)

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  • Worked as management consultant, computer systems analyst, college instructor and freelance writer.
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