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Mysteries and Wonders
in History

You have always wanted to ask
but were afraid to do so.

June Adams as a guide (bare07.gif--217x398)

You can find answers to such question on this site.

Hello, I’m June, your guide.

You haven’t met me before, have you?

Well, here’s my brief introduction:

She has been gone through many jobs such as a girl Friday, a short-order cook, a waitress, an aerobics trainer, a bit-part actress, a model, a receptionist, a bookkeeper and a saleslady at a boutique. She now works as freelance-writer and counselor for foreign students.

She took some courses for journalism and creative writing at community college. Though not educated extensively, June has been quite active in writing since her childhood. More than anything else, she loves to read fascinating, intriguing and yet amusing stories, and now decides to turn her life experiences into stories.

In addition to writing, she likes listening to nice music, traveling in Europe and Far East as well as meeting people with different cultural background.

Let me guide you on this site, and let’s have a good time together.

You can find interesting topics from below:


September 13, 2003
I’ll drop my bra

A woman in bikini buring her bikini top (ba0105.gif--219x410)

August 29, 2003
Phryne’s Impiety

reclining Phryne (phryne82.gif--545x462)

August 19, 2003
When did gentlemen start to prefer blondes?

June as a Marilyn Monroe lookalike (monroe13.gif--232x468)

August 19, 2003 Mysteries of Clothed Maya
and Naked Maya

Naked Maja (maja02.jpg--452x244)

Clothed Maja (maja01.jpg--453x216)

August 19, 2003 When did chasity belts come into use?

A woman with chastity belt
stands between her husband and her lover, who holds its key (c_belt2b.jpg--344x392)

August 16, 2003
When did women start to put on panties?

3 ancient Roman girls in bikini (bikinigals.jpg--500x275)


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