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Renaissance Erotica
This site promotes the spirit of Renaissance—the dawn of the modern mind and the shackle-free appreciation of erotica, in particular.

Although the purpose sounds praiseworthy, some might find copies of the works lascivious.

If your religious belief or lifestyle prohibits your eyes against exposure to nudity, please be advised to leave now before your eyes get offended.

Mind you, however, the originals of those excellent works are being exhibited at the famous museums all over the world. This site promotes the spirit of erotica, not the spite of smut.

Difference between erotica and smut?
Smut incites nothing but lust while erotica quenches the thirst of your mind. In other words, smut produces a fleeting desire but erotica creates an ever-lasting imprint, with which, since the dawn of the civilization, many humans have produced those superb works—from the Venus of Milo to the above painting.

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